Welcome to Social Care Training Solutions

Scott Henery founded Social Care Training Solutions in 2015 with a belief that everybody has the power to redefine themselves. His mission is to teach Social Care Practitioners and Carers how to use Psycho-social interventions to holt the complex cycle of childhood trauma and substance misuse.

We know that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to training, so we build relationships with our clients over time to truly understand your needs.

Your team will work regularly with the same trainer. They will offer the right ongoing curriculum for you and deliver bespoke multidimensional training sessions that respond to your changing needs. We specialise in “Blended Learning” and will be happy to discuss how our innovative model can benefit your workforce and stretch your training budget.

Meet the team below to learn more about our background in Social Care and our experience of learning and development.

We assure you that all of our trainers are as passionate as we are about affecting positive change for the service users in our community.

Meet the Team

We employ a lean and specialised team of trainers with a depth and breadth of experience.

Everybody comes from a background in Social Care, so we understand the real demands of the job.

  • Tori Davey
    Tori Davey

    Tori is your first port of call for initial enquires and ongoing customer support.

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  • Scott Henery
    Scott Henery

    Scott believes that everybody has the power to redefine themselves. He founded Social Care Training Solutions in 2015 with a mission to teach Social Care practitioners and carers how to use psycho-social interventions to holt the complex cycle of childhood trauma and substance misuse.

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  • Diane Morgan
    Diane Morgan

    Diane continues to be a fabulous source of knowledge for Social Care Training Solutions, our clients, and our delegates.  She brings with her over 7 years experience in Social Care training with a specialism in challenging behaviour change and a passion for enthusing learners to best practice.

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  • Chris Dade
    Chris Dade

    Chris is a truly child centered practitioner who shares our view that every child has the right to have their voice heard and be valued within society.

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  • Dan Packe
    Dan Packe

    Dan Packe has been a valued member of the SCTS team since it’s foundation. He has been working in the field of substance use for over 10 years and regularly lectures and trains on the subject across the country.

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  • Rachel Batten
    Rachel Batten

    Rachel is a qualified teacher with 12 years experience designing and managing projects supporting young people in and leaving care. She specialises in supporting professionals to work effectively with challenging behaviour, understanding it’s root cause through the impact of trauma.

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  • Siya Twani
    Siya Twani

    Siya’s mission is to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children and families.

    Siya brings a wealth of experience as a Diversity coach and Family Cohesion specialist. He focuses on supporting the emotional needs of children and young people, strengthening families and promoting resilient communities.
    Siya also trains within schools, local authorities and social care providers where he delivers his programs in the form of one to one sessions, group work, seminars, conferences and open forums.

    • Rachel Nahum
      Rachel Nahum

      Rachel is our go-to expert in the field of Internet Safety. She creates and delivers in depth courses on Gaming and Social Media safety. Her sessions include a wealth of very practical and instantly actionable strategies. Participants can go home and implement what they have learnt immediately to strengthen the online safety within their own homes.

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