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Designed by FreepikScott Henery founded Social Care Training Solutions [SCTS] in 2015 because he believes that instead of mending broken adults, our focus needs to be on building stronger children. He is not alone – we work with dedicated professionals every day that make a positive difference to the lives of the most vulnerable young people in our society.

SCTS was set up with the clear mission of empowering social care workers and carers with the techniques to support young people to resolve the effects of childhood trauma, reclaim their future and fully reintegrate back into society.

Like all Social Enterprises, we have a fire in our belly to bring about positive social change and our training is our vehicle for that change.

Our social mission fuels everything we do and forms an integral part of how we run our business. One example of this is our hiring of young people in care to work with us on our course creation. We wanted to feature their voices so we invited them in for video interviews to share insights and wisdom only they can bring. Their videos are now woven into our E-learning.

All of our profits are reinvested into delivering more training that creates yet more positive social change… and on the cycle goes to impact more and more people.

As a social enterprise, we are a business for good, generating the majority, if not all, of our income through our training services rather than through donations. This gives us the self-reliance and independence to control our own activities, so when we profit, society profits too.

You can start a free trial of our E-learning HERE today.

Download our foster care prospectus: social-workers-and-foster-carers