This program aims to assist participants to navigate the various pathways there may be for a child into their Sexualised Behaviours. The goal is also to build confidence and competence in mapping out and reinforcing key messages around how to manage sexual feelings and healthy relationships.

Learning Outcomes of Sexualised Behaviours Course

  1. Recognise signs and symptoms indicating that a child or young person may have been sexually abused
  2. Understand how abuse impacts on development
  3. Understand usual sexual development
  4. How to respond to children and young people that tell or talk about sexual abuse
  5. Identify strategies to care for children that have or may have been sexually abused
  6. Consider possible risks both to the young person and wider community
  7. Understand why some children display harmful sexualised behaviours and how to manage it

Who is this Sexualised Behaviours course for?

This course is for foster carers, adopters and Supervising Social Workers. In addition, this course is for Residential Child Care Workers (RCCW) and residential team managers from mainstream, short-breaks and outreach services.

Also relevant for youth workers, education professionals and those in the community voluntary sectors.

Level: beginner / intermediate This course can be adapted to advanced level for skilled practitioners.


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