Blended Learning

“You don’t realise how much you have learnt from elearning itself. The face-to-face workshop gave us the chance to explore things in more detail and see how much we have taken on board.”
Blended Learning
Foster Carer

Our model ensures that the learning needs of 100% of your participants are met. Blended Learning

This is possible because when they arrive at the live workshop session, everybody in the room is “on the same page” because they have all completed the same collection of e-learning “Petal Topics” and are now ready to consolidate that knowledge together. We believe that even the most innovative e-learning program cannot replace the power of group interaction so we do recommend a blended approach.

From this shared starting point, everybody can engage fully in the face-to-face skills and competency-based training. They also have enough information for their values and beliefs to be better informed around practice and competency-based work.

The Training Daisy© is, therefore, a highly incisive model which builds on e-learning to enable course commissioners to not only measure journey travelled by participants but also engage them in highly focused interactive training. Most commissioners are missing out though because they are not joining up the learning that happened in the training room, with the solitary e-learning.

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Our Blended Learning is unique – because we incorporate the voice of Young People in care. 

It is part of our commitment as a Social Enterprise to employ these young people to share their insights, rather than owning their story. To this end, we have incorporated their perspective into our e-learning modules through video interviews. As a result, our packages combine well researched contemporary theory, clinical governance and young people’s real-life experiences, thus creating a cycle of informed best practice.

Our Blended Learning is cost effective.

Training your workforce through face-to-face delivery alone places a huge strain on your budget. E-learning has become a very popular financial solution over recent years. However, it is widely recognised now that this format has its limitations.

Each Training Daisy includes one central face-to-face workshop and 6 e-learning topics. The cost of this for a cohort of between 6 and 20 people is £580 + vat. Whereas, covering all of these topics through face-to-face delivery would cost 4 times that amount. Also, the blended option takes participants to an advanced level in all subjects as theory becomes fully assimilated into practice.

Your investment also includes free access to your “Learning Gateway”, a powerful training management tool that will save you the time and resources you are currently spending on certificates, training notes, creating registers and responding to team members training related queries.

The Training Daisy is fully Ofsted Compliant.

Each of our learning modules has been developed to be Ofsted compliant. Your Learning Gateway will give you instant access to all the evidence you are required to present during an inspection.

You can have a free trial.

We know it’s important for you to source the best possible training for your teams. We would, therefore, like you to trial a module of our e-learning.

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You can view our full list of e-learning modules below. Each module is one of a number of “Petal Topics” that can be combined with a live workshop to make a blended “Training Daisy©” package, or each one can be purchased as a stand-alone course from £5 per head.

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"This model is so much more beneficial and educational. Because everybody had prior knowledge from the elearning they all participated much more than usual."
Blended Learning
Foster Carer