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Are you getting value for money when commissioning training?

It is usual to have a very diverse knowledge base within any live training group. If the learning objectives of everybody in the group are not met, your training budget is not being used as efficiently as it could be.

For example, a group of 15 foster carers could be made up of:

  • 5 ‘experts’, with many years of experience and a breadth of training on the topic.
  • 5 are ‘mid-range’ as they are still building their knowledge.
  • 5 are ‘new to the field’, having only recently completed their Form F assessments, with very limited knowledge and experience.

As a trainer, this poses some major challenges:

  • Which group should the session be aimed at?
  • If I focus on the ‘experts’ I isolate the majority of the room.
  • If I focus on those ‘new to the field’ I will greatly underwhelm the rest of the participants.
  • If I focus on the ‘mid range’ I am failing to expand the knowledge of the ‘experts’.

Each of the above scenarios means that even an excellent trainer risks achieving only 70% of the aims and objectives of the session, which is nowhere near good enough. Many participants will also disengage as their personal learning needs are not met.

This has been a huge concern of ours, because ultimately it means that our customer’s training budgets are not being used effectively.

However, there is a solution…

Blended Learning offers a way for you to truly maximise on the value of your training investment. It does this by linking the knowledge accumulated through e-learning with the learning that takes place during live training.

Our blended learning packages ensure that by the time your learners come together in the training room they share the same knowledge base, because they have completed the same e-learning modules. This means that your participant’s knowledge can become truly embedded through live role play, case studies and other experiential methods.

25 years of knowledge and experience has gone into creating our Blended Learning package. You can see full details here and to experience a free ‘test drive’ please email [email protected]