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PACE Course Bundle for Groups

Thank you for joining us on the PACE five-part training series. To optimise your learning experience, please complete all modules in order.

To enable your teams to incorporate PACE into their daily routine seamlessly, we suggest reserving and paying for all five PACE courses simultaneously to receive a 10% discount. Simply choose your preferred date and book each course, then head to the checkout to purchase and enjoy your discount.

PACE Course Bundle For Groups

From: £370.00 3 hours

From: £370.00 3 hours

Trauma-Informed Care (with Acceptance from PACE)(3/5) (Zoom)

From: £370.00 3 hours

From: £370.00 3 hours

From: £370.00 3 hours

From: £370.00 3 hours

From: £370.00 3 hours

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Courses are available at 09:30, 10:00 and now 13:30!

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Zoom Training

These sessions can be accessed from a phone or laptop.

They are nothing like e-learning! The training is live and interactive. Participants can ask and answer questions just as they would in face-to-face training.