Blended Learning Course – ADAPTATION


Adaptation is the third in a series around trauma-informed practice. Within the adaptation model, the framework will address critical factors associated with resilience in stress-impacted populations. A primary goal of the training daisy© is to go beyond pathology reduction and to increase positive/resilient outcomes among youth receiving the response. Competency goals include:

  1. The growing opportunity of choice and empowerment, and skill in recognising choice points and ineffective decision-making
  2. Identification and exploration of a range of aspects of self and identity, and building coherence through the development of a narrative around crucial life experiences, including traumatic exposures


This model will be preloaded with a contemporary literature review to consider what modern research suggests is best practice when working with resilience and adaptation.

The framework includes a live workshop where we focus on bringing the theoretical knowledge from the e-learning to life and embed it through action planning and interactive exercises. The six 45 minute e-learning models will focus on:

  • Self-Harming Behaviours
  • Child Grooming
  • Missing from Home
  • Working with Addictions
  • Positive Sexual Health
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy ACT – Mindfulness
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They are nothing like e-learning! The training is live and interactive. Participants can ask and answer questions just as they would in face-to-face training.