Blended Learning Course – STABILISATION


Stabilisation is the first in a series around Trauma Informed Practice. The first Daisy will consider what trauma is, how it manifests itself and how it can affect our internal working model. The focus is on strengthening the caregiving system surrounding children through enhancing support, skills, and relational resources for adult caregivers.

The caregiver-child relationship is addressed through an emphasis on three primary targets:

  1. Supporting caregivers in recognising, understanding, accepting, and managing their own emotional and physiological responses, particularly as relates to and impacts parenting or child-care;
  2. Enhancing rhythm and reciprocity in the caregiver-child relationship, and helping caregivers deepen their understanding of child behaviour;
  3. Building effective, trauma-informed responses to child and adolescent behaviour


We will undertake a contemporary literature review to consider what modern research suggests are the different ways that trauma can manifest itself, how this affects looked after children and what clinical guidance suggests is best practice when working with these vulnerable young people.

The framework includes a live workshop where we focus on bringing the theoretical knowledge gained through the e-learning to life and embed it through action planning and interactive exercises.

The six 45 minute e-learning models will focus on:

  • Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Working with Attachment Disorders
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Working with Hypervigilance and Dissociative States
  • Working with PTSD
  • Applying Trauma-Informed Practice
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