complex developmental trauma

Complex Developmental Trauma - Advanced (Zoom)

£345.00 3 hours

Learning objectives:

  1. Brief focus on the neurobiology of trauma in children 
  2. What is trauma, and how does Developmental Trauma present itself?
  3. Responses to trauma 
  4. Implications for trauma-informed practice and healing trauma 
  5. Practice considerations: How we can help (across systems) 
  6. Rethinking behaviour and zero tolerance relationship 
  7. Helping the child calm the body/brain. Supporting emotional regulation
  8. Developing competency


Inspired by the findings of cutting edge trauma research, this training offers participants an opportunity to re-frame the behaviour of troubled children so that we can understand their needs through the lens of Developmental Trauma. Developmental Trauma is a set of complex difficulties affecting a child’s sensory systems, dissociative responses, attachment, capacity for regulation, identity and cognitive abilities.

Understanding how to identify Developmental Trauma, how to engage dysregulated children, and developing a trauma-informed support plan will enable participants to experience a renewed sense of hopefulness and efficacy in creating change for traumatised children.

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Advanced Training

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Zoom Training

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