Impact of Fostering on Birth Children


1. Examine various ways in which family members are affected by fostering.

2. To enable foster carers to communicate the challenges and dilemmas that are inherent in fostering with family members.

3. To clearly explain the role that family members can play in supporting foster children.

4. To encourage foster carers to reflect on the emotions likely to arise for family members.

5. To demarcate roles and responsibilities that are delegated to family members usually sons and daughters living at home.

6. To point out the pitfalls of fostering which may include allegations against family members and discuss how they will be supported.

7. To examine the effects of separation on birth children who are left behind if a placement breaks down.

8. To support foster carers in developing positive strategies that will encourage birth children to cope with a wide range of possible emotions negative, i.e. envy, resentment and loss.

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