Making Placements Work

Making Placements Work - Advanced (Zoom)

£345.00 3 hours

This course will empower carers to take a ‘strengths based’ approach to supporting children in their care.


Making Placements Work: Training for Foster Carers and Social Workers

Successful placements enable children and young people to cope in foster care and support their positive life chances. This course will empower carers to take a ‘strengths-based’ approach to supporting children in their care. It acknowledges the challenges foster carers face when providing a secure base for foster children who may have backgrounds of abuse and neglect. Separation and loss often experienced through multiple placements, increases the likelihood of difficulties in placement.

Successful placements require the carers to utilise a model of parenting that uses four caregiving dimensions consistent with attachment theory: promoting trust in availability, promoting reflective function, promoting self-esteem, and promoting autonomy. A fifth dimension, promoting family membership, is included as it reflects the need for children in long-term foster family care to experience the security that comes from a sense of identity and belonging.

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