Legal Highs Training

New Psychoactive Substances - Legal Highs - Standard (Zoom)

£245.00 2 hours

This course draws upon the most up to date research to explore the rapidly changing drugs trends in the UK. In particular, the training will examine the increased use of new psychoactive substances (aka “legal highs”) such as Ethylphenidate, AMT and synthetic cannabinoids such as ‘Spice’. The course will examine the increasingly important role that the Internet is playing in relation to the supply of drugs and the provision of harm reduction information via the drug forums.

Learning outcomes: 

  1. Understand how and why patterns of drug use are changing
  2. Understand the impact of new psychoactive substances (‘legal highs’)
  3. Know and understand the various problems associated with polydrug use
  4. Know what appropriate harm reduction advice to give to those using particular substances
  5. Know where to go for further help, information and advice

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