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Acceptance Learning Review

Participants are required to have their cameras on for an interactive experience.

Maximum of two people per screen.

Sessions are recorded for quality assurance purposes. They are only viewed by SCTS staff and deleted within 14 days.

All Microlearning courses are available for 6 weeks from date of enrolment.  After expiry they can be re-purchased if required.

PACE Foundations Learning Review



The interactive learning reviews that follow the training serve multiple crucial purposes:

  • Reinforcement and Knowledge Retention: These activities play a vital role in reinforcing learned information by actively engaging learners in recall and application.
  • Identifying Gaps in Understanding: The interactive nature encourages collaboration, allowing participants to clarify any confusion. The quiz-style feedback is invaluable for trainees to identify areas where the training may have been misunderstood. After each question, there is in-depth feedback to rectify any misunderstandings.
  • Tracking learning: Each model is designed to achieve an 80% pass rate, enabling you to track and monitor your trainees' progress.
Social Care Training Solutions

Advanced Training

This option is aimed at an audience with prior knowledge of the subject and isn’t suitable for.  Those that are new to the subject would be better with our standard course.

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Need more time?

We recognise that sometimes groups need more time for discussions and group work. This can mean that a two-hour session is just not long enough to explore the curriculum and engage in question and answer sessions. So we are you offering the opportunity to extend the session by an hour to allow your trainees the chance to explore the curriculum fully!


Discuss Training

Zoom Training

These sessions can be accessed from a phone or laptop.

They are nothing like e-learning! The training is live and interactive. Participants can ask and answer questions just as they would in face-to-face training.