Therapeutic Care face to face

Therapeutic Care - Advanced (Zoom)

£345.00 3 hours

Skills in Therapeutic Care are needed for carers to support their children through the stages of recovery from trauma. You can read more about this HERE,


Therapeutic care is a placement where a child or young person has undergone significant neglect or trauma and would benefit greatly from therapeutic care. This type of care provides a child with a supportive foundation where they can build a trusting relationship with foster carers whilst they receive therapy to help them to overcome a traumatic experience or period in their lives.

Social Care Training Solutions

Advanced Training

This option is aimed at an audience with prior knowledge of the subject and isn’t suitable for. ¬†Those that are new to the subject would be better with our standard course.


Discuss Training

Zoom Training

These sessions can be accessed from a phone or laptop.

They are nothing like e-learning! The training is live and interactive. Participants can ask and answer questions just as they would in face-to-face training.