Advisory & Development

We believe in working creatively with individuals, communities and policy makers to reduce the harm caused by problem alcohol and drug use. The 2008 National Drug Strategy states that, “The goal of all treatment is for drug users to achieve abstinence from their drug/drugs dependency”.

In order to deliver against all the treatment system actions in the drug strategy, partnerships will recognize the need to have recovery as the bedrock of all commissioning decisions. The consequence of this is that treatment services will need to undertake a 360 training needs analysis and commence and imbed a competency based appraisals system, develop clear treatment pathways and interventions to ensure their staff meet these treatment targets.

Resource Development

Organisations may want to produce literature for staff and/or clients. Social Care Training Solutions can write accessible, accurate resources for a wide range of readers. Examples of in-house literature can be viewed in the Resources section.

In addition to these, we have previously produced resources and literature for organisations including treatment pathways and interventions for In-volve, Foundation66, Birmingham City Council and Government departments.

Advisory Service Exercise

Experienced in working both with service users and providers, Social Care Training Solutions can undertake consultation exercised with key stakeholders.

This can include individual interviews or focus groups and can take place in a variety of settings. This is an ideal way of assessing the effectiveness of services, identifying unmet needs and working more effectively with clients.

NICE Guidelines, Danos & Ofsted Compliance

As organisations seek to comply with national standards, they will find this easier to achieve whilst working with our Advisory service’s who not only understand the requirements of but also have a good understanding of practice issues and drugs work.

Policy Development

Social Care Training Solutions can work with a variety of organisations to develop effective and relevant policy and practice guidance. This service is available to a wide range of organisations including workplace policies, policies for adult and young person residential and drop-in centres, NHS trusts, treatment agencies.

Peer Management Framework

Management frameworks takes place against a backdrop of working closely with the organisation, to understand its aims and objectives, legal and good practice requirements, and staffing and resource issues. The aim of the framework is to complement and enhance existing services, by providing service users with access to peer mentors, who will provide ongoing support and guidance alongside their treatment journey.

The above options are not fixed, so we would be very happy to negotiate around your unique service needs to devise a perfect match for you. Competency and workforce development are now more than ever a priority, especially as our government has identified that to achieve recovery focused outcomes; the treatment system needs to become more responsive to individual needs. Personalised packages of care constructed around individual’s aspirations and capabilities need to be developed. Drawing on good professional care planning whilst treatment systems need to be responsive to what service users want from treatment.

Contact us today to discuss how Social Care Training Solutions can assist you to bring greater added value to not only your service, but also the community that you serve.