County Lines Gangs (Child Criminal Exploitation) Training

This program aims to assist participants to understand how the growth of County Lines Gangs has developed into what is now being called an epidemic of child criminal exploitation. We will examine how the issue overlaps with grooming, online safety and child sexual exploitation.  The course explores how gangs use social media to present the lifestyle as easy access to money, friendship and a glamorous lifestyle. We then examine the real impact on the individual, their families and wider society.

Learning Outcomes of County Lines Gangs Course

  1. Understand what “County Lines” are
  2. Understand traditional drug markets
  3. Understand the vulnerabilities and indicators
  4. To know the context of criminal exploitation
  5. Understand how major drug dealers supply these markets
  6. Look at how vulnerable people are groomed, coerced, and forced to assist them
  7. Understand the role that Social Media plays in the process
  8. Understand our legal responsibility and how we should respond

Who is a County Lines Gangs course for?

This course is for foster carers, adopters and Supervising Social Workers. In addition, this course is for Residential Child Care Workers (RCCW) and residential team managers from mainstream, short-breaks and outreach services.

Also relevant for youth workers, education professionals and those in the community voluntary sectors.

Level: beginner / intermediate This course can be adapted to advanced level for skilled practitioners.

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