Actively engaging young people is essential to the sustainability of youth focused service provision. This training and consultancy programme will focus on how to develop an engaging Youth Forum.

Our program aims to:

All too often, decisions which affect young people are taken without giving them the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process. Through the program we will:

  1. Define the overall aims and objectives.
  2. Deliver the initial training to ensure that you are clear on the

purpose of the group.

  1. Look more closely at some of the start up logistics i.e. budget management, frequency of meeting and most importantly roles and responsibilities.
  1. Recruit your young leaders with a clear selection criteria for new members
  2. Set up necessary routines and logistics to enable you to move forwards towards achieving your overall objectives.

Our goal is to establish the process for providing young people in your service the opportunity to work together with their like-minded peers to form a Youth Forum across the service. This will give them a voice, provide them with a platform from which to represent their views and enhance their experience at all levels.

When given guidance and support from experienced peers in their service, young people are more likely to engage with all aspects of their placement and service provision and become capable young leaders.