Loss transition and change are integral part of being a looked after children. This course aims to help foster carers fully understand their impact upon children, young people and families.

We will look at psychological theories and research to inform our understanding of the topic. We will consider the role that foster carers have in supporting children and young people to deal with the loss, transition and change they have experienced so far in life, as well as the changes still to come.


Learning Outcomes: 


  1. Give consideration to what loss, transition and change is and the psychological function it serves
  2. Understand what is meant by the term typical and atypical responses to loss, transition and change and how this may influence children and young people’s behaviour
  3. Explore the impact of loss, transition and change on children and families and develop strategies to support children and young people through this process

Is this course for me?

This course is for foster carers, adopters and Supervising Social Workers. In addition, this course is for Residential Child Care Workers (RCCW) and residential team managers from mainstream, short-breaks and outreach services.

Also relevant for youth workers, education professionals and those in the community and voluntary sectors.

Level: beginner / intermediate This course can be adapted to advanced level for skilled practitioners.

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