Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the UK and brings with it an unparalleled level of related harm. This course provides drugs workers and other professionals with an overview of alcohol use, misuse, harm, dependency and treatment and allows workers to engage with alcohol use effectively and confidently.

This course ensures that participants are able to:

  1. Explain how alcohol works in the body.
  2. Discuss current UK policy on alcohol.
  3. State key alcohol-related harms and explain how they are caused.
  4. Describe alcohol harm reduction approaches.
  5. Summarise how alcohol unit counting works.
  6. Discuss key models of alcohol dependency.
  7. Describe how alcohol dependency and tolerance may emerge.
  8. Summarise key issues during alcohol withdrawal and how they could be managed.
  9. Apply alcohol screening tools to scenarios.

Format: Taught sections, small group work, work in pairs, whole group discussion

Hand-outs: Full hand-outs and sources of further information will be provided