All employers should have a drugs policy in place, but unfortunately many have not developed one.
This leaves businesses at risk and without a clear strategy. When a drug related incident takes place this failure can result in employment tribunals in the case of unfair dismissal, action for breaches of health and safety, damage to morale in the organisation and, at worst, prosecution or litigation.

A well-designed drugs policy does not necessarily prevent a problem, but it can ensure that an organisation acts in the best possible way when a problem arises.

This course ensures that participants are able to: 

  1. Have increased awareness of issues relating to drugs in the workplace.
  2. Understand the criminal law issues involved.
  3. Understand the Health and Safety implications of drugs in the workplace.
  4. Assist the development of balanced workplace policies that deal with drugs in the workplace.
  5. Increase familiarity with the key drugs involved.
  6. Respond to drug incidents.
  7. Have a better understanding of disciplinary and treatment options.

Format: Taught sections, small group work, work in pairs, whole group discussion

Hand-outs: Full hand-outs and sources of further information will be provided