This training is designed to give participants a greater understanding of the effects of substance use on pregnancy and parenting. We will be looking at different substances and their effects on both the mother and unborn child.  We will also explore how agencies can work better together to provide appropriate care and support for whole families.

This training will increase confidence amongst front line workers to explore the various strategies of working effectively with parents in relation to drug and alcohol use.

This course ensures that participants are able to:

  1. Understand the needs of parents who use drugs and/or alcohol and the impact on their children.
  2. Understand the evidence and good practice in working with families affected by substance misuse.
  3. Respond to concerns about parental substance misuse and develop effective assessments and intervention skills.
  4. Improve the effectiveness of partnership working in response to parental substance misuse through increased understanding of different agency roles and responsibilities.

Format: Taught sections, small group work, work in pairs, whole group discussion

Hand-outs: Full hand-outs and sources of further information will be provided