This one-day presentation course looks at all the factors that affect how confidently a presentation is delivered. It offers simple, easy to practise tools to help you cope with nerves, get your message across memorably, structure your material for the best impact and present to audiences of any size.

It is fun and effective with plenty of opportunities to practise.

This course ensures that participants are able to:

  1. See what already works about them as a presenter
  2. Explore how presentation works
  3. Develop a unique individual style
  4. Understand what happens in front of an audience
  5. Practice a whole range of techniques
  6. Have a collection of hints and tips for effective presentation
  7. Stretch their capacity to present
  8. Present with style, flair and presence
  9. Effectively use support materials
  10. Enliven a presentation
  11. Maintain confidence and handle nerves
  12. Cope well when feeling wrong-footed

Format: Taught sections, small group work, work in pairs, whole group discussion

Hand-outs: Full hand-outs and sources of further information will be provided