Risk assessment and support planning are increasingly important aspects of the work undertaken with our client group. This one-day course will introduce the key elements involved in undertaking responsive needs assessment and support planning with the principle aim of improving client outcomes.

The course provides an overview of client motivation and empowerment, explores relevant models of change, and will include some useful tools for supporting and measuring change.

This course ensures that participants are able to:

  1. Understand the importance of ensuring that the client’s views are at the heart of needs assessment and support planning.
  2. Describe the role of risk assessment.
  3. Identify factors that indicate whether a service user or someone associated with them is at risk.
  4. Have more awareness that the environment in which the session takes place is safe for both the worker and the service user.
  5. Agree parameters of confidentiality for the risk assessment process in line with organisational policy and legal requirements.
  6. Agree action with the service user.
  7. Clarify when it may be necessary to act without the service user’s consent in line with organisational policy and legal requirements.
  8. Know when to refer to local organisations / agencies that may be required to respond in both urgent and non-urgent situation.
  9. Describe what types of information should be recorded and shared with relevant agencies in line with organisational policy and procedures.

Format: Taught sections, small group work, work in pairs, whole group discussion

Hand-outs: Full hand-outs and sources of further information will be provided