This course will clarify the responsibilities and processes of being a designated Safeguarding Officer. This course will support your organisation in reducing these risks by empowering your staff to take the appropriate and correct actions. This will minimise the risk of Housing Services not fulfilling their obligations, failing in their duty of care and ultimately being open to prosecution.


  1. Describe the role and responsibilities of the designated safeguarding officer
  2. Describe the key legislation and guidance that determines your organisation’s policy for safety and welfare
  3. Increased confidence and competency in looking after the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults
  4. Identify the barriers that prevent reporting abuse
  5. Understand the barriers that prevent staff from reporting concerns, and how to overcome them

At the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  1. Know what’s likely to happen following a referral to social care
  2. Explain the issues of recording and sharing information, and confidentiality
  3. Show an awareness of the emotional impact of safeguarding and identify a network for personal support
  4. Understand your organisation’s overarching policy and procedures
  5. Understand the internal and external reporting procedures
  6. Define vulnerable adult and child abuse and the signs of abuse and neglect
  7. List the key legislative and procedural frameworks for child protection and safeguarding vulnerable adults in England
  8. Understand the duty of care in their particular role
  9. Recognise thresholds for action within safeguarding and child protection
  10. Identify the factors that impact on the vulnerability of adults including Mental Capacity Act
  11. Understand how housing services fit into the wider Care Act context
  12. Understand the role of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
  13. Understand how to protect himself or herself from allegations

Is this course for me?

Attendance on this course is recommended for all staff and a Safeguarding update / refresher is required every other year.

This course is for Housing officers and support staff

Level: intermediate / advanced