The content and delivery of these seminars/insets are varied to suit the individual age groups of the pupils/students, and are governed by the amount of time we have with them.

Target Audience

Pupils and young people.


  • An ideal course to introduce young people to the ‘dangers and reality’ of using substances (including alcohol).
  • It clarifies the ‘truths and myths’ about drugs for young  people.
    It provides an opportunity to highlight other dangers such as ‘dealer networks’, cultivation supply, possession and other illegal activities that could result in a criminal investigation.
  • Course syllabus

As a guide a typical seminar/inset may include the following:

  • What is a ‘drug’? (Alcohol/solvents/prescription/illegal drugs)
  • Why do people take drugs (peer pressure, peer preference etc.)
  • Discuss Class A, B and C Drugs as per the Misuse of Drugs Act  1971
  • Key points regarding the Misuse of Drugs Act (possession/supply offences)
  • Dangers of drugs misuse (addiction/hepC/HIV/death, etc.)
  • Handling and disposal of drugs
  • Dangers of being sucked into dealer/user networks
  • The law possession/supply/cultivation
  • The reality of prison life for those involved in drugs
  • Where to get help?


We encourage student/pupil participation with regards to questions and will ask the students/ pupils to stay alert with a view of selecting a number of volunteers from the audience to take part in an interactive quiz at the end of the Seminar.
The quiz is based on a game show format and assists in reviewing the syllabus.
This encourages student/pupil participation and keeps them alert during the Seminar as all questions in the quiz will relate to topics covered during the Seminar.

Developmental Possibilities

There are also developmental possibilities with this programme which can lead to the following opportunities:

  • Longer more focused sessions to introduce other aspects to the insets, such as
    ‘role play scenarios’. This would use situations a young person may find themselves in:

    • friends buying a substance of choice.
    • only ever supplying to close friends or a group of friends.
    • all experimenting with a substance.
  • Using role play, improvisation and or scripted dialogue, participants would be given different scenario endings.
  • As a group they would need to devise the skills and knowledge to refrain from succumbing to peer pressure, raising resilience, self-esteem, whilst identifying risky behaviour.
  • Real-life stories and ‘share sessions’ that provide a catalyst for further discussion with people in recovery (on a voluntary basis) to speak about their journey, with the option for questions and answers.
  • Informing of the short and long term implications on mental, physical health issues, relationships, social and antisocial implications of substance misuse.
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