Half or 1 day course

Target Audience

Ideal for individuals or organisations wishing to develop their knowledge and skills on:

  • Understanding how substance use issues develop.
  • Recognising drug misuse problems.

The course is particularly relevant to those with supervisory, managerial, educational and pastoral care responsibilities.


It has been designed to introduce educational staff to a range of drug misuse issues such as:

  • How to recognise controlled drugs and associated paraphernalia.
  • Recognise physical signs and symptoms of drugs misuse.
  • Recognise user/dealer patterns.
  • Learn techniques in safe handling of drugs and paraphernalia.

No prior knowledge or preparation is required.

Course syllabus

(Please note: on a half day program, the syllabus will be shorter)

  • Understand the impact within your organisation of substance misuse.
  • Be able to identify students at risk of substance misuse – resulting in greater knowledge, skills and confidence to support young people.
  • Understand the impact on an individual and peer group due to substance mis-use.
  • Learn about the long/short term effects of drugs misuse
  • Know the current trends and new drugs psychoactive substances (legal highs)
  • Recognise controlled drugs and associated drug paraphernalia
  • Safe handling of drugs and paraphernalia.
  • Recognise User/dealer habits.
  • Know the law with regards to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
  • Know best practice when drugs/drug paraphernalia found (storage/continuity of exhibits/disposal)
  • Signposting to local treatment services.

Qualification and Certification:

All those attending the Course are awarded a certificate on completion. This particular course is mapped to Danos standards AA1.AA2, AC1,AD1, AD2, AD4

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