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Train the Trainer - Bespoke packages for your workforce

This training is suitable for foster care, residential care, social work and drugs work settings.

** Training for groups only. Please do not commission unless you have at least 8 people to take part**
We know that shrinking budgets or an increase in recruits mean that you need cost-effective ways to train your teams. For many, using existing staff for foundation level training is a logical method to try, but will your staff become confident trainers and what happens if they are not properly trained?

Whilst we continue to offer a full training suite of topics from foundation to advanced level, we can also support you as a local authority, fostering agency or residential care provider, to maximise your training budget by preparing in-house staff for a foundation level training role.

follow-up sessions via Zoom

train the trainer

Ensuring your staff become confident trainers

We know that new skills are cultivated through Training + Practice. Our bespoke program offers excellent training and plenty of opportunities for practice, to give your staff the best chance of becoming confident and competent trainers. 

Unfortunately, we hear of many cases where staff have stepped into a trainer role without first being taught how to train.

What happens if staff are not trained to train?

  • The new trainer feel less confident and more stressed than is comfortable; this can also negatively affect their general caseload work.
  • Participants leave training sessions with insufficient knowledge to do their job well, so they haven’t built the capacity to meet their duty of care. 
  • This means there is a genuine risk of demotivation, compassion fatigue, or even staff and carers exiting your service.
Train the Trainer

Your Bespoke Train the Trainer Program

If your staff are under-confident leading a class or aren’t sure how to structure their lessons, our Train the Trainer Program will help to ensure your staff are competent to train in the key foundation level topics.

The program is designed to be flexible and focus on the participant’s ability to take ownership of the curriculum and be comfortable delivering it.

The program will ensure that your staff know: 

  • How to run great sessions. 
  • How to plan courses.
  • How to involve delegates to avoid sessions feeling like lectures.
  • How to create straightforward lesson plans to ensure everything is covered.

Program Structure

This is a three-day, face-to-face program with each day running from 10 am to 3pm. 

Pre-course discussion

Because this is a bespoke program, the exact content will be decided upon during a discussion with our lead trainer Scott Henery. The program could include the delivery of just one topic during day 1 or a blend of several around a particular theme. E-learning modules can also be used to deepen knowledge in some cases (not included in prices below).

Day 1

We will deliver your preferred curriculum to your staff (decided during your call with Scott). This ensures an in-depth understanding of the model. The trainer will also explain why we present the material in that particular style. 

(The Powerpoint presentation and tools become yours to use)  

We conclude day one with an open Q and A session to air issues of concern about the curriculum and its application.

Day 2

Now we look at training skills and their application. We help your staff build self-awareness and competency in delivery. 

Day 3

In small groups, all participants will deliver a micro-teach of their design. This activity and the feedback gained will consolidate their learning and build confidence. 

Two months later

We hold a 2-hour “MOT session” at this point to enable your new trainers to share what has worked for them. It is also a vital opportunity to problem-solve around what has been most challenging. This final part of the course is delivered via Zoom

Program Costs

The training cost for this package is £3200 (we do not charge VAT)

This price includes:

  • All the resources your staff will need to deliver the training
  • The PowerPoint presentation and tools 


* Travel and any other expenses will be discussed and quoted for separately. 

This bespoke program can be adapted to suit your team and the specific social care knowledge they need to convey. Contact us to book a no-obligation chat with our lead trainer Scott about how this can work for your organisation.

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Zoom Training

These sessions can be accessed from a phone or laptop.

They are nothing like e-learning! The training is live and interactive. Participants can ask and answer questions just as they would in face-to-face training.