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Zoom Training


The Pros & Cons of Zoom training

Although no training format is perfect, we believe in these uncertain times that Zoom has the edge in facilitating a consistent training programme that is not subject to last-minute cancellations.



How to access a Zoom Training session

1. Create a Zoom Account (it's free to sign up)

Please make sure Zoom is downloaded onto your laptop or phone now so you will be ready. You will find it in the App Store/Google Play.

For the laptop, you can download it from the links at the bottom of this page – https://zoom.us/meetings


2. Test it

If this is new to you, why not have a test run? Test your audio and video are set up correctly at www.zoom.us/test. Then, why not set up a meeting and get a friend or family member involved?

3. Join your training session

In the days before the training, your agency will send you an email with a joining link. A couple of minutes before the session is due to begin; you will paste the link into your browser. 

On a laptop

● You will be prompted to join "Zoom US".
● Click on "Join with computer audio".

On your phone

● Click on the link you were sent.
● Enter your name, then click continue. (if it's an open course, you may want to only use your first name for confidentiality)
● It will then say that Zoom would like access to your camera and then your microphone - click allow for both.
● It will also ask for permission to send notifications - click allow.
● It will ask you to join audio, so others can hear you. Select "call using internet audio."

Your microphone

There is a black strip at the bottom of the Zoom screen with various options. The Mute button on the bottom left - you can select this to avoid background noise in your home disturbing the session or if you need to cough! Your trainer may mute all participants at various points and then "un-mute" you for discussions.

Asking questions

Your trainer will prompt you to ask your questions to the group at various points. If you have a question when you have been muted, you can type it into the "chatbox". You will see this on the right-hand side of your screen.

What NOT to do

Whilst the training is taking place, and it is advisable to not click on any other pages you may have open on your computer or phone. If you do this, you may not be able to get back properly into the Zoom page.

What if you have any technical difficulties?

Don't panic!
Your home internet may not be as robust as what you are used to at work. If you have other family members streaming movies or playing games, you might experience bandwidth issues. If this happens, Zoom will prioritize your audio over your video to make sure you are heard and that you can still hear the trainer.

Social Care Training Solutions

Help Section

1. How to use your account

2. How to book your Zoom training

3. How to share training with participants


Discuss Training

Zoom Training

These sessions can be accessed from a phone or laptop.

They are nothing like e-learning! The training is live and interactive. Participants can ask and answer questions just as they would in face-to-face training.