The Solutions Focused approach works by eliciting and exploring the person’s reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. The majority of work undertaken by social workers and foster carers is that of addressing conflict, be that within the family or between professionals and families. However, it is solutions that we really need to focus on to ensure the wellbeing of the child.

The Solutions Focused approach strengthens an individual’s motivation for, and movement towards a specific goal (for instance engaging in child protection work, participating in the work-focused activity, reducing offending, adopting healthy eating practices etc.)

It is a valuable tool for all practitioners because it is straightforward, versatile and can be put into practice immediately.

Our course ensures that participants can:

  1. Understand the philosophy behind solution-focused interventions.
  2. Consider some of the innovations brought in with solution-focused brief interventions.
  3. Know when solution focused approaches are the most appropriate strategies to use.
  4. Demonstrate using solution-focused conversations for supporting individuals.
  5. Consider how solution-focused conversations can move people towards recovery.

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