Do Social Workers Make Confident Trainers?

Any new skill is cultivated through two actions: Training + Practice

So, with training and practice, your social workers have every chance of becoming confident and competent trainers.

Unfortunately, we hear about many cases of staff stepping into a trainer role without first being taught how to train.

So, what happens when Trainers are not trained?

We want to help, so have put together a “Train the Trainer Course” specifically for Social Workers *.

This course enables staff to feel much more confident when sharing their expertise and knowledge within a group setting.

Why is it essential for trainers to be trained?

Great trainers know how to run great sessions. They know how to plan courses, speak to delegates, answer questions and explain the complicated subject matter.

What are some attributes of a great trainer?

Patience – Having a patient instructor is crucial if delegates are going to learn anything. Good trainers employ a variety of ways of explaining things patiently so that no delegates are left behind.

Involving delegates – Trainers are not lectures or presenters. Nobody wants to sit through hours of being talked at. Good trainers have a selection of methods up their sleeve that ensure everybody is engaging with the course content.

Structured flexibility – Yes, these words do fit together! It is all about planning. Good trainers create straightforward lesson plans to ensure everything is covered. However, these flexible plans allow for delegates needing extra help in particular areas whilst being proficient in others.

If your staff are underconfident leading a class or aren’t sure how to structure their lessons our Train the Trainer Workshop will help.

Drop us a line ( to book a no obligation chat with our lead trainer Scott about how this could work for your organisation.


*This course can be adapted to suit your team and the specific social care knowledge they need to convey.