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hypervigilance and transitions

Up to 25 people in a session

Participants are required to have their cameras on for an interactive experience.

Maximum of two people per screen

Sessions are recorded for quality assurance purposes. They are only viewed by SCTS staff and deleted within 14 days.

Hypervigilance, Dissociation, ADHD & Conduct Disorders – Standard (Zoom)

£270.00 2 hours


Hypervigilance, Dissociation, ADHD & Conduct Disorders

Our course equips carers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively support young people during transitions. Additionally, our course gives carers an in-depth understanding of how Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects children and young people and equips them with basic yet effective techniques for supportive care interventions.

We delve into children's coping mechanisms in the care system, particularly through Dissociation and Hypervigilance, and introduce the concept of "the window of tolerance". Our training covers practical methods such as mindfulness, bodywork, and resilience building, effectively widening the "window of tolerance" and supporting young people in their therapeutic journey.

Learning Aims:

  1. Understanding the impact of childhood trauma on the body and the brain.  
  2.  Understanding how the brain and body adapt to cope (dissociation and hyper-vigilance) 
  3.  What does each state look like, and why it occurs?
  4.  Understand the window of tolerance model and how to support children to widen their window so they can engage in the therapeutic process. 
  5.  Explore methods to co-regulation with the young person leading to self-regulation.
  6.  To better understand ADHD and its effects on your child. 
  7.  Enable you to manage your child's behaviour better. 
  8. Increase your confidence in the skills and abilities to 'parent.'
  9. Develop an even better relationship between you and your child. 
  10.  Explore transition and supporting children with leaving safe places and integrating what they have gained in the everyday world. This will include methods that they can use in stressful situations. 
  11.  Explore bodywork, resilience and mindfulness to empower children and support them in finding methods to move forward out of trauma effectively. 

This course is for Foster Carers , Adopters, Supervising Social Workers, as well as Residential Child Care Workers (RCCW) and residential team managers from mainstream, short-breaks and outreach services.


Format: This is a live training session through the platform "Zoom". It includes taught sections, small group work, work in pairs, and whole group discussions.


Hand-outs & Certificates: Downloadable course notes and certificates of attendance are provided.

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We recognise that sometimes groups need more time for discussions and group work. This can mean that a two-hour session is just not long enough to explore the curriculum and engage in question and answer sessions. So we are you offering the opportunity to extend the session by an hour to allow your trainees the chance to explore the curriculum fully!


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