Were you struck by this recent piece of news from the Gambling Commission report stating that there are 55,000 children classed as having a gambling problem in Britain, and 450,000 are gambling regularly – more than those who have taken drugs, drunk alcohol or smoked?

(you can read the full article here)

We reflected on the speed at which this issue seems to be growing. We don’t know what percentage of these are looked after children, but we do know that the loss, trauma and ACE experienced by these children leave them with increased vulnerability to a wide range of addictions.

In response we have created a face to face “Online Gambling” course to work through this issue and give carers the skills they need to feel confident in this area. We also explore it as just one kind of addiction in our “Working with Addictions” course (available with a free online module) because it’s important to look at the whole picture…. the causes as well as the symptoms. We also cover all the practical elements of spotting warning signs and making our devices as safe as possible for our young people in the course “Social Media and Online Gaming Safety“.

This report recognises that support is needed for these young addicts, which is hugely positive, but the problem of more and more young people becoming addicted is not going to go away.

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