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Safeguarding for Social Housing

All housing staff must know how to recognise a situation where a person may be vulnerable to abuse and neglect.

Course content

Our training equips housing staff with the skills to carry out their duties around safeguarding adults and children.

Content includes:

  • an introduction to safeguarding as outlined by the Care Act 2014
  • a summary of duties and responsibilities of local authorities
  • exploring the difference between child protection and safeguarding
  • exploring the different legal implications for children and adults
  • the relevance of the Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • the relevance of working together to safeguard children 2018
  • the importance of cooperation, partnership and information sharing

Learning outcomes

Attendees will learn how to improve safeguarding practices within the housing sector. Participants will:

  • understand safeguarding responsibilities and duties
  • understand the importance of joint working and good communication
  • know how to share information appropriately, at the right time, with the right people
  • learn how to put safeguarding into practice, including identifying risk and challenging local authority decisions.

Who should attend?

Housing staff or anyone working within housing generally.

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