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Do you get value for money when commissioning training?

You know that your training budget has been used effectively when the learning needs of everybody in the training room are met. Sadly, this is often not the case.

The problem lies in the fact that within any live training group it is usual to have a very diverse knowledge base.

For example, a group of 15 foster carers could be made up of:

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This poses some major challenges:

Each of the above scenarios means that even an excellent trainer risks achieving only 70% of the aims and objectives of the session.

We believe that this is nowhere near good enough. 

This has been a huge concern for us because it means that our customer’s training budgets are not being used effectively!

So we came up with a solution…

We have created a training methodology that enables a group of participants to “be on the same page” during their live training session. This enables the trainer to pitch the session at the perfect level to ensure that all participants are stretched and 100% of the learning objectives are met. 

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 This way of training ensures that all participants are stretched and 100% of the learning objectives are met. 

In addition, it means that knowledge does not remain “theoretical” – the trainer dedicates most of the live session to ensuring everybody can put their knowledge into practice by including plenty of role play, case studies and other experiential methods.

This “Blended Learning” approach offers a way for you to truly maximise the value of your training investment.


25 years of knowledge and experience has gone into creating our Blended Learning package. You can see full details here and to experience a free ‘test drive’ please email [email protected]