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E-learning & Blended Learning – a New Approach

“Blended Learning” is our specialism. The e-learning modules below are Petal Topics which you can combine with a Live Workshop to make a blended “Training Daisy©” package Alternatively, the e-learning can be accessed as a stand-alone learning opportunity – perhaps for secondary carers.

We are passionate about Blended Learning because it increases the accessibility, flexibility and personalisation of the learning experience. All core knowledge is covered through our E-Learning modules. This means that during the live session our trainers can focus on action planning, case studies and interactive activities that ensure a more dynamic, challenging and rewarding course, rather than wasting precious time just disseminating information.

Our training will fit into your worker’s busy schedules and enable them to engage with materials as and when they need them. Each course has a workbook to encourage participants to go deeper and capture their learning.

All of our e-learning courses below can be purchased from the competitive price of £5 per person.

Read a detailed breakdown of our Training Daisy© model HERE or why not take a look at our FAQ page.

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Units Purchased Price per Unit
1 – 99 £15
100 – 299 £10
300 – 999 £7.50
1000+ £5

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