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mindfulness for children

This self-study e-learning course will help you develop the skills to offer mindfulness techniques to …


Adverse Childhood Experiences Online Training

This is a self-study e-learning course. There is a growing evidence base showing that the …


trauma informed practice training

In this self-study e-learning trauma-informed practice course, we will reflect on how to build a …


attachment training uk, attachment disorder, trauma and attachment training

This is a self-study e-learning course. The parent-child relationship serves as a prototype for the …


Child Grooming

In this self-study e-learning course you will explore Child Grooming as the process an abuser …


Diversity training

This is a self-study e-learning course. All too often, a child’s cultural identity can be …


Effective Communication Course

This is a self-study e-learning course. Communication is an active process that involves listening, questioning, …


Life Story Work Training

This self-study e-learning course explores the importance of Life Story narration for children separated from …


managing challenging behaviour

This self-study e-learning course assists carers and social care staff to understand the complexities of …


missing from home training

This self-study e-learning course is designed to help foster carers manage the ever-increasing risk of …



This self-study e-learning course covers the complex areas of relationships and sexual health including contraception …


Resilience in Looked After Children

This self-study e-learning course shows how resilience is linked to recovery from trauma and how …


Secure Base Caregiving

This self-study e-learning course offers the opportunity to make sense of the child’s needs, explore …


self-harming behaviours training

The self-study e-learning course covers the stereotypes, myths and reality of self-harm, drawing upon young …


Trauma-Informed Practice

This is a self-study e-learning course. It is essential that we use trauma-informed practice when …


working with addictions course

This self-study e-learning course gives a solid foundation of understanding around: How does addiction develop? …



This is a self-study e-learning course. As practitioners, it is essential to understand that early …


ptsd in children

This is a self-study e-learning course. The Children’s Trauma Academy identify that trauma is a …


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