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Adverse Childhood Experiences Online Training

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Adverse Childhood Experiences Online Training



Adverse Childhood Experiences Online Training

There is a growing evidence base showing that the experiences we received during childhood can significantly affect us through the course of our lives. This Adverse Childhood Experiences online training explores the evidence, including a groundbreaking study carried out in California in the mid-90s identified that children who experience a stressful and miserable quality childhood are more likely to develop self-defeating behaviours in adulthood. Their follow-up study identified that Adverse Childhood Experiences are not just a health concern, but that children who are currently experiencing ACE are more likely to perform poorly in education, become involved in antisocial behaviour and even substance use.

In this lesson we support paradigms shift from "What is wrong with them?" to "What have they lived through, and how has this shaped their development?"

Please take a look at our in-depth post on the subject HERE.

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