Why is Refresher Training Important?

Have you ever noticed how our brains like to delete information it thinks we no longer need? – If we don’t use it we lose it. Refresher training helps keep important knowledge fresh and current.

Most of us need to review important concepts from time to time. Refresher courses enable learners to review the fundamentals they may have forgotten, as well as brushing up on new information they were not aware of.

We have a suite of short e-learning modules that work well as refresher courses.

There are several reasons why refresher training is important for carers and staff:

1. It reduces mistakes through practice

Refresher courses are like a fire drill. When we review processes and procedures until they become second nature, we’re more likely to get things right when it counts.

2. It can offer a “warm-up” for carers who have taken a break
Carers may take time out at various points in their fostering career. Upon returning they may be feeling a bit rusty. Our short courses can bring them back up to speed and rebuild confidence.
Rolling out the same refreshers company-wide also helps to keep the whole culture in step.

3. It identifies knowledge gaps and training needs
Finally, the short assessments in our modules offer the perfect way to assess and remedy gaps in knowledge. If you begin running a refresher program and notice that carers are consistently receiving low scores in a portion of the program, that’s a sign that you need to offer more support in that area.

If you would like to discuss refresher training for your carers please drop an email to admin@socialcaretrainingsolutions.com or you can explore all of our courses here.