May sees the launch of our Blended Learning suite

Our Blended Learning is informed by Judith Lewis Herman’s model of the healingprocess as presented in her book “Trauma and Recovery”. ( Trauma and Recovery, Judith Lewis Herman)

Our graphic is a representaion of that journey.

We have designed out first 3 Blended Learning packages specifically to equip your teams to support young people through each phase of this journey:

Follow the links above for more info or download our prospectus HERE.

Cost breakdown

The table below shows how the packages are costed. Numbers of participants can range from our minimum of 6 to our maximum of 15.

Calculations are based on e-learning costing £90 per participant (six topics at £15 each)

The cost of the live workshop is set at £450.


Workshop element

E-learning element




6 x £90 = £540




15 x £90 = £1350




  • 6 E-learning Modules
  • 1 Live workshop
  • 6 Comprehensive workbooks to enrich and capture learning
  • Learner access to full training notes and supporting materials
  • Learner access to CPD log and Certi cates
  • Training Manager access to Ofsted ready reports
  • Tools to track progress and identify additional training needsWOULD YOU LIKE A FREE TRIAL?

    We know it’s important for you to source the best possible training for your teams. We would, therefore, like you to try an e-learning module before committing to the full Daisy package.

    Contact us today [email protected] to get started.

    As for Face-to-face courses, it’s business as usual on that front – see our TRAINING Pages for details.