Welcome to Social Care Training Solutions

Our Vision

We enable the Social Care Workforce to be confident, competent and effective in their duty of care.

We empower workers and carers to use Trauma Informed Practice to create the transformational relationships essential for resolving Adverse Childhood Experiences and reducing associated self-destructive behaviours. This drives positive social change for the most vulnerable people in our society.

Our Training

We are specialists in Blended Learning. These innovative packages combine our E-Learning, with first class in-house Face-to-Face Training. All of our Courses and Tools are informed by best practice, linked to clinical governance and utilise the latest social care theory to inspire practice.

Explore our menus of courses below and let’s talk about creating a bespoke training package that incorporates your company ethos whilst meeting your learning objectives.


We train people to become better practitioners and more effective team members in order for them to excel in their roles and in doing so, actively support the goals of their clients.


We are dedicated to ensuring that your Housing Officers and Designated Safeguarding Officers are confident and competent to carry out all tasks of identifying and escalating safeguarding concerns, as demanded by the Care Act of 2014.


Tailored Face-to-Face Training. Let’s talk about creating a training package that meets the specific requirements of your workforce.


The Social Care Training Solutions is the one provider of bespoke ‘in-house” training best practise & mandatory courses blended learning specific to Fostering, Children Services & Children Homes.


In the 2010 Drugs Strategy, it states that a high quality drug and alcohol education is essential if young people are to make positive and informed choices about drugs and alcohol usage.


As well as our face-to-face training, e-learning modules and blended learning options, we have also created a number of essential tools and services to further upskill your workforce along with links to valuable external resources.

Contact us to discuss your training needs analysis and how we can create a bespoke training package that incorporates your company ethos whilst meeting your learning objectives – admin@socialcaretrainingsolutions.

Our Values

Inclusion means …

  • Giving our workforce the skills to reintegrate people back into society through the resolution of their adverse childhood experiences.

  • Enabling vulnerable people to regain control of their future through the intervention of confident, competent and engaging staff.

  • Actively integrating the young person’s perspective into training materials – our blended learning is co-produced by care leavers.

  • Innovating new ways to ensure that vital learning is accessible to all.

Empowerment means …

  • Ensuring your workforce can rest assured that they are confident and competent – all our courses are underpinned by Ofsted, National Governance or clinical guidelines.

  • Enabling workers to go above and beyond in their practice to truly excel in their career.

  • Engaging and empowering clients and young people through truly therapeutic relationships.

Integrity means …

  • Owning up to our mistakes and going above and beyond to put them right.

  • Only working with organisations that share our values.

  • Always providing the most up to date materials and high calibre trainers.

  • Offering transparent and fair costs to our clients.

Care & Protection means …

  • Nuturing high levels of competency and efficiency in identifying neglect and abuse.

  • Ensuring proficiency in escalating safeguarding concerns.

  • Enabling workers to actively create and deliver strategies to build resilience.